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June 17th, 2010 : Updated  "Tour date 2010"

April 23th, 2010 : Add new pictures "European Tour 2010"

April 19th, 2010 : "Plundered My Soul"

February 16th, 2010 : Add new pictures "European Tour 2010"  and Tour date 2010
December 20th, 2009 add new Rolling Stones DVD (to be released 18 January 2010) "Rare & Unseen"   you can  Order this DVD here

December 5th, 2009 New long awaited DVD is arrived "Mick Taylor The Tokyo Concert" you can Order this DVD here

November 16th, 2009 : Get Yer Ya Ya's Out The Rolling Stones in Concert 40th Anniversary Deluxe Box Set

November 10th, 2009 : MP3 Stop Breaking Down Lille 2009 , Books and Press (Best : Madison Square Garden 1972)

November 6th, 2009 : Updated Tour 2009-2010 , Gallery and Press

October 15th, 2009 : Updated discography, they are at the "Session 92 - 2007" the "solo" section
                                   Add new pictures "European Tour 2009"
                                   See a video of Mick Taylor concert and interview: "Culturebox FR3 Lille"

July 4th 2009 : update the Videography with Wentus Blues Band new DVD "Family Meeting" and Experience Hendrix DVD

December 2, 2007 : add new entry in discography with Wentus Blues Band new CD "Family Meeting" (thanx Laurent)

October 27th 2007: For the eigth  anniversary of "Time Waits For No One" web site the disography section show new entry, they are at the "Session 92 - 2007" the "solo" and "John Mayall bootlegs" sections. ...there are some others that  you will certainly discover !!

Nov 5th 2006: add new picture from last concert with Wentus Blues Band in Denmark Oct. 27th (Thanks to Per Bjarne Pedersen)

July 9th, 2006 Add new  CD by BLUESSPUMP with 3 live tracks featuring Mick Taylor and new bootleg from soundboard "HUNGARY 2001"

January 28th, 2006 Update discogrphy

August 7th : Add new video from "Fete de la Musique" "Eclat De Blues Festival" with Chris Jagger !! Talk To Me all other videos from that event have a correct link now !!

June 18th 2005: completed discography with new ( ?) Lauren Field CD and single (thanx Laurent) and new japanese bootleg on "Trial" label    "Mick Taylor : it Hurts Me Too" (thanx Yoshikatsu)

April 5th 2005: updated and add new japanese bootleg from last Mayall - Taylor tour October 2004 "A Blues Night"

January 2nd 2005, first let me wish a happy new year to all Mick Taylor fan around the world and particularly to all who support or gave their help to this site (they know who they are !).
Completely update the video page in the discography with new Mike Oldfield DVD (with the old BBC program way back to the 70's ...) and with many  new DVD bootlegs issued recently with many nice Stones archives !!
Cause of some trouble with internet provider (too much files maybe) some video can't be seen for now, this will be corrected as soon as possible.

December 13th, 2004: Add Swedish tour schedule ... last chance to see Mick this year !! don't miss this event!!

July 11th, 2004 add many pictures from the Harelbeke Blues Festival ...with guest Paul Jones playing with Mick !!
and you can listen to an excerpt of this concert at the multimedia section : "Carry Me"

July 4th, 2004: add two new entries for the 2004 discography with the Andy Sharrocks Band new CD and the Barelhouse Blus Orchestra, both with recent Mick Taylor work....

June 27, 2004: The first pictures from the Harelbeke concert are here, soon a complete report with lots of photos (with surprise guest...) and sound !!!!!

June 19, 2004: add news for tour 2004 Harelbeke Rock'n'Blues Festival

May 16, 2004: Add new bootleg in discography, the new 3 CD set from Japan with the Tumbling Dice concerts from Florida 1992

May 9, 2004: Add links

May 2, 2004: New bootleg called EMPIRE POOL from Wembley 1973 show the best sound quality for that show ever heard (where did this new tape came from ??)

April 7, 2004: add pics from concert in  Norway (April 2nd, 2004)

January 31, 2004: add pics from 1993 concert in Argentina with Ratones Paranoicos (thanks to
Luis Sebastian Almada) ; New in the concert section are the links to European Tour 2004 concerts

December 30th : new John Mayall CD "Rolling With The Blues" with 6 fantastic new numbers from 1982 tour is here from John Mayall's private collection !!!, also add lots of pictures from Abbeville show; enjoy !!
In the end here it is the Collector's Corner ....with lots of unbelievable things ... just need yours to be in too !!!! feel free to increase this gallery with YOUR STUFF !!! (a special thank you to Laurent for these treasures !!)

November 11th : lots of new pics from French Tour : New Morning Paris (thanx to David Tillier and "Club Des Stones" and Abbeville

October 25th : Here it is the new John Mayall 70th Birthday Concert !! (Thanks to Riccardo and Mario !!) we also added recent French tour pics from New Morning Paris and Abbeville

October 19th : include the "No expectations", the Peter Karp session page (sorry Peter for long delay !) and add new entry for japanese Mick Taylor 100 Club London gig august 2003 (thanks so much Yoshikatsu !)

September 28th : Many changes and improvements in the site (multimedia, press, video sections)

September 14th : New bootleg addition: John Mayall and Friends July 19th 2003 (A special thank you to Yoshikatsu !)

September 6th : new pictures of the September 7th 2002 concert in San Diego (Jimi Hendrix Tribute)

August 29th : new pictures of the August 9th concert in Toronto

August 25th : new pictures to the April 19th concert

August 23rd : new videos from BBC 71 and USA 1989 !!

August 20th : add some new pictures to the July 18th concert ...

August 2nd : add some new link to the John Mayall July 19th concert ... look at the news section

July 20th : many new stuff in discography, lists, multimedia section (the duet Mick Taylor - Chris Jagger !!!!is here !! (from the Marcq en Baroeul concert always!)... chck everywhere you will find something new !!.

June 29th : the first pictures from the Marcq en Baroeul concert ...with Mick Taylor jamming with Chris Jagger in concert and shots at the soundcheck. .... soon to come some audio-videos from that event. also reorganize the concert section ... new elements to come (still under construction)

June 6th : add new video (soon other nice ones to come !) thanx Nico and Craig !

May 25th : add special info page for the "Fete De La Musique" June 21st concert in Marcq en Baroeul (France) Also include though not a recommended item, the recent reissued CD from Sasha presented as a Mick Taylor CD as it is absolutely not a new Mick CD !!

May 11th : add some more videos ..

April 6th : ad for Mick Taylor concert in Marcq En Baroeul (France) June 21s, 2003 !, new item to discover the italian video TV broadcast with an excerp from Pistoia Blues Festival 1991 !!

March 2nd : update concert and trade list

March 1st: Add new item in video section ....have the pleasure to see complete video from French TV broadcast from 1997 featuringMick Taylor playing his magic notes along with Chris Spedding on "Maman Merci" sung by Dick Rivers

February 23rd : Add new items to discography : The Debbie Davies "Key To Love" a John Mayall tribute with one track featuring Mick Taylor (many thanx to Laurent !), and the japanese bootleg from Kansas City 1981 SOUNDBOARD RECORDING ! "MICK TAYLOR WE LOVE YOU AND WE'LL ALWAYS DO" (A special thank you to Yoshikatsu !)
As these aren't enough I add also a new gallery of Rolling Stones pics all taken from classical videos ... but maybe you haven't seen Mick Taylor like this !! ..it's fun.

December 26th: complete the video page, a new excerp from Geneve 95 is available.

December 22nd: Start a new section with Mick on video !!

December 1st: Time Waits For No One is trying to change his look !! ....add a nice treasure I recently find at a record fair : a new Mick Taylor bootleg from Paris April 25th 1996 complete show !, sound is superb (this show was filmed for the french MCM TV !)and the two CDs came in a nice digipack with Mick pics (unfortunately not fro this show!), add also link to Hans Van Lier site .. really nice pics of Hans and Mick !!!

November 10th: Add new entry in discography with Barry Goldberg new CD "Stoned Again" featuring
Mick Taylor on two Stones covers : Ventilator Blues and Think I'm Goin' Mad. Thanx again Laurent !!

October 12th: add the new fantastic John Lee Hooker tribute album "From Clarksdale To Heaven" with track "This Is Hip" featuring Mick Taylor and Max Middleton.

September 23rd: add the new japanes bootleg 6 CD set "JAPAN '87" (thanx Yoshikatsu) and update trade lists.

July 28th: add new japanese bootleg (thanx Yoshikatsu) Miami 93 (with Tumbling Dice featuring B.Keys !)

July 21st: add two new japanes bootlegs (thanx Yoshikatsu) Secret Affair In London and No Expectations both recorded live in Worcester Park Club, London in March and October 2001

June 2nd : add the new japanese edition of Billy Preston Live European tour 1973 with lots of alternate and unreleased tracks (thanx Laurent and Seiichi)

May 5th : add some corrections (thanks Marlies) and add some oldies from the Mayall - Dylan era.

February 25th : Add some new live (European and US touur 2001) and sessions recording, the acoustic session from Dutch radio (Radio 192 Hiversum) is here ! ,the "Time Waits For No One" Mick Taylor website couldn't miss this recording with these new versions of the Stones number !!, thanx Riccardo !
The Todd Sharpville tour with Mick is confirmed (see the news section)

December 16 th : add information on the new Todd Sharpville "The Meaning Of Life" where Mick is playing on one track, this CD is available in UK since october and will be available in France & Scandinavia in January, and the USA in March.
Mick will also be performing as a guest with Todd's band at selected shows in 2002.
Meanwhile you can purchase this record at amazon.co.uk

Also have the pleasure to present some of the pics from last concert in Hoorn (Holland) a special thanx to Mathijs .... have a look at his site at : www.stonesinreview.tiscaliweb.nl

November 18th 2001: the first pics from the recent german tour arrive, thanx Norbert !
The new CD by Japanese musician Miyuki in a collaboration with her long time friend Mick Taylor called : Mick And I you can buy this record directly at http://www.sierrabravo.co.uk/mickandI

October 1st : update the concert - trade sections ... add some new entry in the discography (thanx Laurent)

September 9th 2001 : update (such a long time I haven't done it !) the concert section, the bands section and add a few lines in Mick biography .... but sure his next CD (should really be in October as Mick told in an interview ?) would be a real improvement for Mick's bio !!!!

August 26 th 2001 : the first documents from the August US tour arrive, thanx Paul !

July 26th 2001 :Include in discography the long awaited Carla Olson new CD "The Ring Of Truth" with the
12 minutes version of Stones number "Winter" !!, also the Dick Heckstall-Smith reunion CD :
"Blues And Beyond"

May 19th 2001 :update discography (thanx Nico, Laurent, Craig, Brian !) with the incredible Adam Bomb recording (Stolen tapes from early 90's !) and the Speedo "Harmonica" Jones album

May 10th 2001 :correct discography (thanx Nico !)

April 23rd 2001 : Complete discography with new John Mayall CD including one track with Mick.
Note the out of print Mayall LP "Back To The Roots" has just been reissued as a double CD set including both versions : the original recording from 1971 (with all Mick guitar work !) and the 1988 remix version on wich some of the guitar parts were erased ! In the next days the John Phillips CD "Pay, Pack & Follow" featuring Mick Taylor and Keith Richards (recorded in 1976 - 1977) will be in your record shop too !

March 26th 2001: Jim Lacey-Baker wrote a few words about his work with Mick in the years 91-93

March 17th 2001 : You will find the new section "They Played With Mick" starting with Brian Kramer who share with us his feelings about the recording session of "Win Or Lose" LP .... thanx so much Brian ! ... Jim we wait for yours for next time !!!

March 4th 2001 : finish the vinyl section...nostalgia !!!!

February 25th 2001 : Add a great new sectio with the VINYL RARITIES (the vinyl bootlegs still under construction)

February 21th 2001 : change presentation of home page for clearer menu ... that gives more room for next to come new sections (in preparation .... will never end ....!!)

February 19th 2001 : complete concert section and add some news !!

February 4th 2001 : add nice pics in the gallery, including Mick with Jim Lacey-Baker (thanx Jim) and pics from the last german tour October 2000 (thanx Michael)

January 20th 2001 : add some new boots on CDr (look and discover 'em !!),complete the concerts section and many corrections done too.

January 13th 2001 : add some new boots, and include the trade page!.

December 2th 2000 : comlete official discography .... almost complete ... please help for the missing ones ...... thanx to Laurent and Riccardo !

November 26th 2000 : add some new bootlegs from summer US tour 2000 and German tour from October 2000 ! Thanx a lot Craig and Mickael

November 5th 2000 : Thanx to Riccardo for his great shots of Mick last concert in Sora (Italy) July 30th !
complete the bootleg Rolling Stones section ....will never end !!!

November 1st 2000 : Complete concert section (thanx Craig Laurent and Curtiss)

October 8th : complete once again discography (thanks Laurent and Seiichi) with rare singles

October 1st 2000 : add new bootlegs (Thanx John and Hervé) and some new pics in gallery.

September 16th 2000 : complete once again discography (thanx again Seiichi ! )

September 2nd 2000 : Add the John Phillips and Rolling Stones boot Half Stoned featuring both Keith Richards and Mick Taylor, complete discography and add some new pics in the gallery (thanx to Craig and Seiichi !)

July 9th 2000 : Add some new Mayall and Dylan bootlegs and pics (thanx Craig !)

July 2nd 2000 : Add 3 new bootlegs (thanx to Allan and Yoshikatsu !!) and 4 new concerts (thanx Hervé)

June 25th 2000 : Add lots of complements in the concert section

June 18th 2000 : Add the new "JUNIORS" section with pic and french compilation CD "Made In England Vol 2"
where you can find the only one single they recorded with young Mick Taylor on guitar !! (thanx nico to push me to buy this little gem issued in my own country !!!!!)
Complete the concert section with some nice recordings too ! (thanx Hervé, Craig, Nico, Yoshikatsu and Laurent)

May 14th 2000 : Just add some news

May 7 h 2000 : add some new pics (dylan era and year 2000), complete with new bootlegs and CDr release from fans all over the world (keep on presenting your jobs !), add the cover CD from "Guitarist" March 2000 issue.

April 16 h 2000 : Add two new Rolling Stones studio outtakes bootlegs with very rare material :
FAST TALKING (with original version of Tops) and MAD SHADOWS (with full length version of the blues number : I Don't Know The Reason Why)

April 8th 2000 : Complete the BOOTLEG SECTION (I told you it will never end !) Thanx a lot to Seiichi, Yoshikatsu, and Jean Bernard.

March 27th 2000 : Complete discography (yes it will never end) mostly the BOOTLEG SECTION.

March 11th 2000 : Complete discography (will never end?) mostly the BOOTLEG SECTION.

February 27th 2000 : NEW PICS from tour 2000 (Thanx Art !) , introduce a GUESTBOOK (Go and sign it !!)

February 20th 2000 : Introduce the long awaited ROLLING STONES UNREALEASED SONGS and
THE ROLLING STONES CONCERTS section. Complete also the session discography (still some hard to find artwork LP cover needed !!! HELP ME PLEASE !!)

February 6th 2000 : Add some concerts and news, new pics in miscellaneous gallery

January 29th 2000 : Correct the discography section and add new pics in miscellaneous section.

December 28th '99 : Full complement to the Mick Taylor sessions discography (many thanks to Seiichi for his great help !) WHO WILL HELP ME TO FINISH THAT WORK !! ????,add some new pics and new interresting links !

December 4th '99 : Add a lot of Rolling Stones bootlegs (about 20 !) and some new Mick Taylor bootlegs complete the Mick Taylor 's underground discography. Thanx to all of you who help me to make this possible !

November 27 th '99 : update the concerts section and add the "Manathan Sound Coaster" CD in discography

November 20 th '99 : Add new section with the following Mick Taylor Bands, the songs he played, the concerts ....

November 7 th. '99 :Update discography (Stones & sessions) add three picture galleries !!

October '99 : This new website "Mick Taylor : Time Waits For No One" is born,
it will grow if you help it to grow !!







Mick Taylor news :

News News News News


December 2009 New long awaited DVD is arrived "Mick Taylor The Tokyo Concert" you can Order this DVD here

From the Rolling Stones archive the 40th aniverary edition of Get Yer Ya Ya's Out with 5 unreleased new tracks is out !!! :
Get Yer Ya Ya's Out The Rolling Stones in Concert 40th Anniversary Deluxe Box Set

Summer 2009: Mick will be touring the States in July and August and will be in back again in France in october .... see French Tour 2009


July 19 th 2003 Mick Taylor played with John Mayall in Liverpool for the UNICEF benefit concert for John 70th birthday .... more infos and pics at :




November 2002 :Hans van Lier Band & Mick Taylor, did a gig 23 november 2002 on Terschelling in club 'De Rustende Jager', The Netherlands, look at the pictures at www.hansvanlier.nl

February 2002:

The Todd Sharpville Band (featuring special guest, Mick Taylor):
24th April - Lorsch, Germany "Musiktheater Rex"
25th April - Soest Germany "Anno 1880"
26th April - Hannover, Germany "Bluesgarage"
27th April - Mulheim, Germany "Star Club"
28th April - Germany TBC
29th April - Bonn, Germany "Jazzgalerie"
30th April - Ingolstadt, Germany - Blues Festival
1st May - Freiburg, Germany "Jazzhaus"
2nd May - Tubingen, Germany "Sudhaus"
3rd May - Ospel, Holland - Moulin Blues Festival
4th May - Bergen, Norway - Ole Blues Festival
Check www.toddsharpville.com for details!

November :
Mick is touring Germany ... for the first time he plays live the long awaited number "Alabama" from his first solo album ... way back to 1979 !!!!!

September : Mick announced in an interview that his next studio CD will be issued in October !!

August : Mick is touring USA and Mexico, he played a few times "No Expectations" !!!!!!!

July : New Carla Olson CD is released, Mick is on 9 numbers including a fantastic version of Stones "Winter"

April - June : Mick Taylor appear on new John Mayall CD, on Dick Heckstall-Smith one

March : John Mayall original recording "Back To The Roots" will be reissued on CD in April, his new CD too.

February : Mick will appear on next John Mayall CD "John Mayall and Friends" ? and on Dick Heckstal-Smith new CD too !! Mick will tour Hawai in spring and rumors circulating for a Mayall - Taylor tour .... wait and see !

October : Mick touring Germany, Belgium, and Scandinavia, Mick did some studio recordings in Germany !!

August : Mick touring the States again, new members in the band, Jeff not on drums !

July : Carla Olson and Mick Taylor have recorded new songs together for her next album in september.

May : new Bill Wyman CD with Mick Taylor !!!:

last dates from the spring tour canceled and postponed until this summer

April : Mick Taylor is going back to Studio this summer for recording a new album (wait and see !)

March : Mick Taylor in this month "Guitarist" mag issue, with unreleased material in cover CD !!

Feruary : Mick is touring USA from end of January to early May 2000. New keyboard player is Jeff Ross.
A Stones' Throw will be available on Cannonball records in USA on February 8th !! BUY IT !!

January : Mick will start a new US tour in february 2000.

December : A Stones' Throw will be released in the USA in January 2000 with some remixed tracks

November :A tour and a new CD are rumored for spring 2000 !!

October : Mick had finished touring japan, Kuma Harada played bass !