Mick Taylor bootleg discography

Mick Taylor with John Mayall & Bob Dylan Bootlegs

There are many Rolling Stones bootlegs featuring Mick Taylor (see separate entry) but the new technology helping (DAT,CDR a.s.o.) many Mick Taylor concert were issued on CDs or CDRs ,not to make money but too fill a gap for fans who wants still more by their favorite artist.
Here are some of them ,
click on pic for details (Only numbers featuring Mick Taylor are listed !)

Crocodile Walk Beano's Boys The First Five Years


Bremen 69 Live In Stockholm May I Have A Record Contract


Live In Milan Back To The Roots The Dark Side Of Midnight


 The Complete Infidels Sessions Dirty Lies


Les Temps Changent What's Real Real Live Outtakes


The Jokerman Has Just Left The Stadium


With The Rolling Stones and More


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