Rolling Stones & Mick Taylor bootleg discography

The Rolling Stones with Mick Taylor Bootlegs (part 1)

There are many Rolling Stones bootlegs featuring Mick Taylor ,here is a selection of the most interresting ones

(Only numbers featuring Mick Taylor are listed !) Click on pics for details !

The Trident Mixes

Tricky Fingers & Slicky Ringers Tropical Disease


Mad Shadows Fast Talking Acetates


Ultra Rare Trax Vol. 10 1972 Dallas Rehearsals Stones In The Park


Live'r Than You'll Ever Be San Diego '69 Devil's Disciple


Baltimore & more Miami Pop Festival 69 The Legendary Apple Acetate


Paris Affair Some Like It Hot Get Your Leeds Lungs Out


Gather No Moss At The Marquee Club
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