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Time Waits For No One, unofficial Mick Taylor site.

Why another Mick Taylor site ?, the answer should be why not !

Why I built this site ?

Thanks !!

Wanted !!

Why I built this site ?

I bought my first Rolling Stones record in july '69, the new single "Honky Tonk Women" which featured young Mick Taylor on guitar. "Get Yer Ya Ya's Out" followed in 1970 and it was a kind of revelation. When Mick quit the Stones in '74 I did expect a lot from the "Bruce Taylor Bley" band, unfortunately it didn't last more than a few months !!. Later I rediscovered the british blues era and the John Mayall's Bluesbreakers with young Mick Taylor.

I still remember the time when I bought my cherished vinyls : Mick Taylor's long awaited solo album from 1979 and "Stranger in This Town".

I first saw Mick Taylor in concert in 1996 and that was the time I started to collect rare recordings by Mick Taylor (For Stones records I started to collect 'em all ! in the early seventies).

The internet allowed me to contact other Mick Taylor fans and to increase my collection.

So I decided to make a site about Mick Taylor... and not only another Rolling Stones one ! This site may not be as complete as some you'll find in the links section but I try to make it different.
If you wish to make some addition (info, photos, a.s.o) you find interesting please contact me by E-mail.

You will find a bootleg section in this site :This is not a catalogue !! I DON'T SELL ANYTHING and I HATE PEOPLE MAKING MONEY WITH ARTISTS' WORKS.

However if you're a hard core fan and have something interesting to offer or to trade you may E-mail me privately

Jean Pierre.

Thanks !!

I want to thank the followings who helped me :

Brian Kramer (Blues artist who recorded with Mick and Junior Wells the "Win Or Lose" LP,
I really invite you to visit his site too at: http://www.briankramerblues.f2s.com)
Jim Lacey Baker (encouragements, Jim did sessions with Mick in the early '90s)
Bruce Gary (drummer with the Bruce Taylor Bley band in 1975, for support, pics ..)
Nico Zentgraf (His site is a real bible, hard to find something he don't have !!)
Laurent G. (A real fan... help me starting to trade, pics of recordings, concert pictures)
Seiichi I. (Nice trading of japanese material ! pics of his rare records collection !)
Yoshikatsu O. (Nice trading, see his Mick Taylor site...in japanese!)
Craig K. (Nice trading ,Dylan-Taylor fan)
Curtis S. (A real fan and a fair trader)
Norbert M. (German fan, nice pics, fair trader, thanx !!)
Paul G. (Long time Mick Taylor fan ...nice pics)
Mickael "Blue Mick" R. (Nice trading !)
Michael R. (fair trading, german fan.)
Harald H. (fair trading, german fan too !)
Jean Bernard D. (Stones Bootleg collector, fair trader, thanx !
Joe C. (Give me the first tape Nico didn't have !!) lots of Stones videos !!
John D. (Fair trading !)
Riccardo M. (Nice pics from Italian tour 2000 , nice trade...)
Art C. (Nice pics from tour 2000 !)
Amy C. (Fair tape trading)
Chris M. (Pics of recordings taken from his personnal collection)
Cedric (Young parisian fan !)
Allan J. (British Blues fan from Danemark)
David C. (Fair american trader)
Bernard B. (Nice pics and rare video)
Harold C. (Nice pics)
Wilfried (Setlist)
Laurence and Sandrine my daughters for helping (Html programing ,design)

Wanted !!

If somebody could help me, I'm searching for some pictures from the years '79 to '94 (real pics or send by E-mail) to update this site.
If you have something interesting which is not mentioned in this site and concerning Mick Taylor please contact me privately by
E-mail for a possible trade (CDr, tapes, photos, tour program, a.s.o....)