Left: Brian Kramer with Mick Taylor

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I was 24 years old when we recorded Brian Kramer and the Blues Masters feat.
Junior Wells, Win or Lose in 1988.
This was my first record as well as the first time I'd been in a recording
Junior Wells was a friend and had guided me patiently in developing my
connection to my blues.
He gladly agreed to be on the album when I asked him.
All the musicians in my band at that time knew someone who could be part of
what became an "all-star recording."
The  pianist, David Cohen (Country Joe & the Fish, the Blues Project etc.)
had toured with Mick Taylor and got him involved. Mick lived in NYC at the
time and fortunately was available.
It was fantastic to  watch him with his solid, confident blues knowledge in
action, feeling exactly what was needed for each track.
He played on one of my own songs, Got me on down, and just ripped through
the solo like nobodies business!
He also played slide on a beautiful D minor slow blues performed by Junior
Wells called Pleading the blues.
I remember feeling chills watching him as he built each slid note with
feeling and drama.
He's a true blues master.
I was the youngest musician involved in this project and certainly the least
Hanging around folks like Mick, Junior and the others had me split down the
middle between a gushing fan and trying to live up to the reality that this
was actually my record.
In the end I think we produced a recording that everyone did there best on
and was proud to be a part of.
I remember when I personally handed Junior his copy he put his arm around me
and said, "Well Brian, you did it! That's all that matters."
After the musicians and the producer were finished with their fine work, the
album was left to the record co. to promote & distribute and unfortunately
due to their lack of experience in the field and un-cooperation the release
of this album only saw a short run on the market with minimal promotion.
It has been dormant and unavailible since, with no expectations of releasing
it in its original form (the only way I and Junior's representers will agree
to, and believe me the alternative is quite horrible...)
What can I say, this business has its downside...
On one of my songs on this album, "I Want My Money Back," I sing a verse
that became an errie prophecy;
         "Well I dreamed I made this record, it went high up on the charts,
           but when I woke I still was broke, it's just a piece of art.
           I want mt money back. Got to have my money back.
           Well it's sad but it's true they don't make nothin'
           like they used to do..."

Now 12 years have passed and I've traveled quite a bit of the world
continuing down (up?) this winding road of blues.
Every once in a while out of nowhere some one pops by and tells me with a
smile they've got Win or Lose in their collection.
It's nice to know that however small an impression this album made, due to
the great work and reputation of Junior & Mick, it's still out there and
wont die!

Thank you for keeping that alive for me.
Brian Kramer

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