A chat with Mick Taylor 21-06-03

Marcq En Baroeul (France)
"Fete de la musique" June 21. 2003


A chat with Mick Taylor 21-06-03

Jeroen : Had BB, Albert and Freddie King a big influence on your guitar playing

in the beginning?

Mick : Yes, I learned a lot from Freddie and Albert.

When I was 14-15 years old I could almost play every blues lick. I listened

to a lot of old blues records and I was like a sponge. It was so easy for me to pick it up.

Jeroen : When you just started songwriting, from whom dit you learn the most?

Mick : I learned from the Stones of course and Bob Dylan had a great influence on

me. Bob is such a great poet. First he wrote the poems and after that he made the melodies.

Jeroen : Mick, which guitarplayers did inspire you for playing slide-guitar?

Mick : Well, Elmore James, Muddy Waters and of course Earl Hooker (a great slide guitarplayer)

Jeroen : In your shows you always seem to switch from slide to normal

playing. What is the reason for that?

Mick : I like to do both. It is very hard to say. It is a feeling you have at that moment.

Jeroen : What do musicians need to play in your band?

Mick : (laughed) We are not the best goodlooking band. I want a bigger band.

Anyway another guitarplayer, so that I don't have to do everything. It is pretty hard to do it all alone.

Jeroen : Mick, what do you prefer more: playing live or in the studio?

Mick : I like to do both actually. But I love to play live and the more I do so, the better I feel.

Jeroen : Do you agree it was a great show tonight?

Mick : Oh yes, it was a good show. Nice audience and it was our first show after

Haverhill (England), so it was very pleasant to play with my own band again.

Jeroen : Mick, you feel good, but you must be tired?

Mick : Yes, I have been traveling for 2 days now. From the north of England to the

south, then to London and finally to France.

Jeroen : Do you still practice every day?

Mick : No, I do not practice anymore.

Jeroen : But I hear new licks in your solos every time?

Mick : Every day is different. I play a lot on my ears and it depends on how the band is playing.

Jeroen : Why do you switch a lot between playing with your own band and playing as a guest

Mick : It is not a plan. It is just something that comes on my way.

Jeroen : Why are you always playing the same songs? You have some

beautiful songs, like "Morning comes".

Mick : I don't know why. Sometime we change some songs, but we always have

a setlist. You are right. We played "Morning comes" 2 times, once in the US and once in Finland. It is difficult.

(many thanks to Jeroen)

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